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The fantastic Worldwide Weekly Boxing Predictions League, is the brain child of life long boxing fan Andrew Millwall from London. Possibly the best and most followed boxing prediction league in the world, the concept is simple and free for anyone to join.
Andrew is extremely passionate about the league, that he runs through Facebook and dedicates many hours to the up-keep and smooth running of it. He is always available for members to speak to through the league’s Facebook page and his own personal page, where everybody is encouraged to support each other, with a friendly camaraderie between the members.

What is also unique about this boxing league, is that it has many current and past professional fighters taking part, as well as many other fight figures from the world of boxing, giving fans the chance to pit their wits against them, with the hope of being crowned ‘Worldwide Weekly Boxing Prediction League World Champion’.

To take part all you have to do is select every fight winner by KO,Points or Draw
If you select KO you must specify which round. (If you do NOT pick a round you will be given Rd 6.)

5 Points for selecting Winner
5 Points for selecting correct method of victory – KO or Points
7 Points if you select correct Round
25 Points for Drawn Fight
10 Points for any VOID FIGHT.

Please note that ANY fight ending BEFORE the full distance, for ANY reason ~ i.e Disq, Accidental head clash, Bubonic plague, Tsunami etc.
For LEAGUE SCORING ONLY the fight will be calculated as a KO for the winning fighter in whatever round it occurs.

1st Place – 10 Points
2nd Place – 7 Points
3rd Place – 5 Points

Your Predictions are to be posted before 9pm Friday to ‘Worldwide Boxing Prediction League’ President and league co-ordinator Andrew Millwall on Facebook.

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